Foreign husband, foreigners earning income in Thailand DD CAPITAL Loans For Thai People Abroad

Foreign husband

Foreigners earning income in Thailand

Foreign husband, foreigners earning income in Thailand or abroad can apply for both housing and multi-purpose cash. DDCapital is fully responsible for all documents not required to fly to Thailand. Getting a home loan can be easy and straightforward process with the help of experienced consultants no matter where you live.

Credit Limit

  • Maximum loan limit not exceeding 70%
  • Maximum repayment period of 30 years with the applicant’s age and the loan duration combined must not exceed 70 years

Loan applicant qualifications

  • Thai nationality
  • Age 21-70 years old
  • The loan period is not over 30 years

Minimum salary of THB 45,000 per month

  • At least of 1 years working experience

Documents required for salaried

Personal documents

  1. An application form with 2 copies of credit bureau documents
  2. Certified copy of ID Card and certified copy of house registration
  3. Certified copy of passport of spouse (if any)
  4. Certified copy of Marriage Certificate ( if any)

Income documents

  1. Employment contract / Salary confirmation letter
  2. Salary slip for the last 6 months
  3. Payroll statement for past 6 months
  4. Tax submission documents for past 1 years (if any)

Collateral Related documents

  1. Purchase agreement of property
  2. Copy of every page of land title deed (front and back pages)

Fees and Charges

  1. The appraiser fee is THB 3,210
  2. The stamp fee is 0.05% of loan limit
  3. Fire insurance is based on the rate of an insurance company
  4. Mortgage fee is 1% of credit limit
  5. Loan insurance

Loan Processing Fee

  1. Home loan application form and operating cost is free of charge.
  2. The processing fee is 2.5% of the loan limit or must not exceed THB 95,000. In case of cancellation after approval, the fine is 1.25% of the approved amount.
  3. Fire insurance and life insurance for credit protection coverage.
  4. The processing fee will be charged after completing the loan application process, only after approval.
  5. Expenses are measured based on actual documents (if any) such as translation costs and certified stamps issued by institution with government permits. Translated into Thai or English costs THB 800/page.
  6. Credit Bureau checking service for foreigners is THB 300.
  7. When receiving the approval, the customer pays 50% of The processing fee within 7 days.
  8. The customer pays the remaining 50% of The processing fee before signing the loan agreement and transferring the collateral at the Land Department.
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